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SIT-Summer Institute in Taiwan
Academic Exchange & Cultural Experience in Taiwan
SIT 2015 Staffs
Norman Kuo 郭軒辰
Dept. of Foreign Language and Literature

Hi everyone, I am the passionate Norman Kuo!

I am a people person and love to explore this world that’s why this is my third year to participate in SIT program since I hope via...
Eris Chao 趙羿心
Dept. of Foreign Language and Literature

Hola~ I'm a mellow sort of guy. I like English and cats so my ultimate dream is living in...
Aaron Liu 劉天祐
Dept. of Electrical Engineering

This year, I was honored to be the staff of 2015 SIT program. I am good a...
Jessica Wu 吳欣庭
Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences

Hello everybody! I am an energetic and outgoing girl, and I like to make new friends as...
Ted Weng 翁宏哲
Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering

Hello I’m Ted. I am a person sometimes shy and sometimes very active...
Rodney Liao 廖偉勛
Double Specialty Program of Management and Technology

Hi there! I’m a boy who always wears a smile. The radiant grin along with dimples...
Jacky Cheng 鄭奕智
Interdisciplinary Program of Science

I am an outgoing and positive but sometimes a little bit silly person. Challenging...
Brian Ho 賀錫霖
Dept. of Power Mechanical Engineering

Hi. I’m Brian, but I’m really not that important; tell me about yourself! Do you like...
Wendy Chang 張婷羽
MA Program in Language Cognition & Teaching

Hey everybody! I’m a super people person and dog lover.
I like...
Peggy Yang 楊珮琦
M.B.A. in Technology Management

Hi,dears. I’m a sunny little girl who is full of energy and enthusiasm...
Tammy Chu 朱庭瑩
Dept. of Technology Management

Hi, I’m Tammy. Being an open-minded person, i like challenges and make friends...
Rose Lin 林品萱
Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences

Hey, I'm Rose Lin.
I like to challenge myself and work with others with striving...
Maggie Hsueh 薛守玶
Dept. of Economics

Hey! I am a passionate girl who comes from Tainan~ I like to...
April Lin 林侑蓉
Dept. of Quantitative Finance

I am a person who desires to make friends from different background...
Nicole Tseng 曾沛姿
Dept. of Foreign Language and Literature

Hey everyone! I’m a helpless dreamer and cat lover...